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Schedule new ads:
Click the icon for the type of screen you have: Standard (15”) or Widescreen (TV)
Click the Ad you want to add to your playlist
Click preview
Click "Click to close" in upper left corner of ad
Click order
Schedule the time for the ad to run – if you want it to run every day set the "period" as Daily
Be sure to click the box in front of the screen where you want the ad to play (even if you have only one screen); this checkbox may appear below the display area of your screen so scroll down if necessary to locate it
Click send to frame.

View Current Playlist:
Click My Frames
Click the "Clock" icon on the right hand side after your store identifier
You will see a page with your playlist
If you want to change the schedule for any of the ads, click on the “notepad” icon (4 th from the right side) in the row for the ad you want to change
Make the changes on the window which is presented to you for that ad and click save